Submissive females in 2017


Just how many people in the room or the train carriage that you are sitting in right NOW, believe and support in equality? 

Be it in gender, age, race, class and sexual orientation… seriously, how many would stand up and say they actively live by equality in everything that they do?

So after my recent visit to the hooker bars, I’ve decided, the modern society caters for men. I am not being too extreme here. Let’s think about it.

Men gets paid more than women at work across most “modern countries”. 

A man would likely get a fist bump for sleeping with the “it” girl in the office/ at college.

Men perpetuate their family names.


Yet, when men go out entertaining their “customers” on a very necessary client night out and decide to go to these “hooker bars”, or even just the ordinary bars full of women, it is absolutely OK for men not to mention about their (delete as appropriate) girlfriends/partners/civil partners/ wives when they start or get chatted up by women. 

It is absolutely acceptable to swap numbers and to be engaged in SMS conversations with these women for non life threatening / business reasons. It is absolutely normal behavior and the global female population totally encourages their other halves to be actively involved in this behavior.


The females will respect their other halves to have their unconditional freedom to validate their testosterone levels and male egos without question. 

Welcome to 2017.

We respect and wholeheartedly honour your wishes at your feet. Don’t worry about coming home tonight, and it is totally normal not shower after having sex with some random hookers or respectable female companion AND sleep right next to me AND then give me the dirty second’s. 

It is my honour to be in this loving relationship and please feel free to walk all over me like a carpet and give me some strange STI (not me, it happened to my friend) where I have to be operated to remove some of my intestine and it is totally fine that you didn’t show any remorse, concern or regret. 

Because females are inferior and males are superior. 

Like I’ve said before, this is 2017 and this is the norm so I dare not to question or challenge any of the above.

And you wonder why I choose to stay single?


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