Cats and Puppies 

Sometimes, it’s better to cut the cords before it gets too emotionally scary to do so.

I’ve decided…Women are like puppies. Men are like cats. 

Puppies are so keen to please others, loyal, patient, provide unconditional and undivided love. 

Cats often select their petting times. And they get to choose by whom. You could be the cat owner, but your cat might never let you pet him, and would rather leave home 90% of the day to go outside, to your neighbours, to a stranger on the streets, have some random cat fights, shag some other cats at night while screaming like hell, then come home and nibble his food and have a little drink in the 10% left of the day. You can’t force a cat to like you. The cat chooses. 

“Don’t overthink.” But I am a puppy, I wag my tail and am too excited about this new prospect of a (you didn’t spell it out loud FWB) relationship. 

But the radio silence when he goes on holiday and the distance vibes after his holiday?

“You deserve the best in life. So if the timing isn’t right then move on. Second best is never enough. You’ll do much better baby on your own.” (Express yourself, Madonna!)
Baby, I don’t deserve second best. 

So, I have decided. I am too old to be cruel to myself. I have cut the cord tonight. I have asked three of my trusted friends, I have made the declaration. They have my full permission to “text slap” me to not get too deep. I need to be a cat. 

Yes, it was a courageous thing to head towards a dead end. But I am going to be a kitten and learn how to be a cat and shop elsewhere. 

(Photo credit to Instagram account Pugandcat !)


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