Open Book of Love

Love shouldn’t be hard. What is hard about love is when either of the lovers are afraid to be an open book about their love for each other.
Because once you have an open book approach to love, honesty naturally follows after. Where there is honesty, trust will be there. 
This cycle continues whereby the more open both lovers are towards each other, the more honesty there will be between them, thus the more trust there is to cement the fundamental foundation of love. Then, love is quite simple, it becomes easy for both lovers to love harder and deeper, because these 3 key elements are required in order for love to grow stronger and stronger as time goes by. 
“Time” is the fourth element in love. However, this is an element which no lovers can control.
Whenever trust is being challenged in love, because honesty is under threat by lack of open communication, then loving freely becomes harder as both of the lovers begins to build a protective wall. The “offender” builds a protective wall against his/her hidden agendas. The “defender” builds a protective wall as he/she prepares from getting hurt, whenever that first crack in trust appears and this crack will deepen as communication diminishes over time.
But what can help to combat this situation at any one time when either of the lovers find themselves being faced with this situation is “communication”, the fifth element in love. And this ties nicely back to the start of the “Cycle of Longlasting Love”…. which is “Open Communication”. 
Taking away any one piece of these elements, love becomes a chore. If both lovers fully engage and respect these elements unconditionally, love becomes natural and effortless. 
Time is human beings’ most valuable element in life. Money cannot buy time. Ask any poor souls lying in their hospital beds with incurable illness, desperately wishing they can live their lives fully and healthily just for another day, or even an hour…but yet all they can do is simply wait for their last breath on earth. Before that moment comes all they can do is to painfully wait, lying in their hospital beds, imprisoned by the medical tubes which have become part of their lifelines extending their precious time on earth. As each precious day passes, watching their family and friends wearing their brave faces standing next to them, watching over these poor souls, trying to make the most of their time together. 
Love shouldn’t be complicated. What complicates love is how the lovers value these 5 elements of love.


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