Marathon training mindset

11/2/2017 Got another ridiculous email from my ex sent to my lawyer, trying to negotiate a court order for what is know as a consent summons, where the lump sum payment is due in 17 months time and he has “demanded” for another 30 months extension, which means 47 months of “ties” with him.

This time round, I’ve taken a different approach. I talked about it with my mum, whatsapped my sisters and best mate soon after I’ve read the email. 

That night I slept ok surprisingly. So that’s an improvement from three months ago.

Then today I talked about it with my brother and sister in law. They gave some very good advice which is to simply ignore him. Why didn’t I think of that before?

You see, with my divorce, we settled outside of court and at the time he threatened me to go to court with adultury. But he chickened out last minute. 

And since the papers were signed, he has breached the consent summons 3 times already and you know the boy who cried wolf three times and you know what happened to him on the forth right? Because of all these fuck ups, it feels like I haven’t actually been divorced from him because there’s been so much distress from all the unnecessary contacts.

Because the final lump sum payment is not until the set time, psychologically I’ve been trapped. Second guessing, hoping that my ex will show some sign of humanity. That is something that I’ve concluded with my psychotherapist when I was very depressed and tried to work out why I get so sensitive about him disobeying the agreement. 

Well, now he’s shown me an indication and the game is on. I feel a weight off my shoulder and now my mindset is set for a marathon. I’ve ran the London marathon before, so I know I have the stamina, determination and focus to get shit done. Start the countdown ladies and gentlemen, I’ve got some serious mindset training to do and she is going to win and get her self esteem, self respect and confidence back baby, no one can stop her now bitches!


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