Dating after a decade 



Let’s not forget – E-harmony.

I am sure there are a lot of other electronic mediums for millennials to find their “mate”, but wait, let’s take a few steps back, you are now in 2017, where people would Google search you whether you are going for a job interview, a date, or even just because they’ve overheard your name on the street, it’s only normal these days to cyber stalk your e-footprints and make an assumption about YOU before meeting you in person or let alone speaking to you over the phone.

That’s the state that we’re living in these days. If you don’t like being judged by your profile photo, get a new one. Don’t leave it blank, because that translate into you being an absolute insecure ugly mother fucker with 3 eyes and 4 arms and two heads, probably. But let me see if I can find you on LinkedIn as well. How much are you worth? Literally?

It’s sad. But, accept it. 

However, you can still choose NOT to be “in it to win it”. I’ve downloaded Lovestruck app, gave a quick intro and a profile pic in matter of minutes and started browsing. The anxiety levels climbed as I scrolled. My left brain (apparently responsible for the negative speaks) got louder. My confidence level decreases as I spent more time on the app.

After a short while I decided it’s best to watch cartoons on You Tube instead…. no wait, Trump’s inauguration was broadcasted live, na, I should just go to sleep…sleep on the idea as to whether or not I should keep searching for my “love” on this app the next day. 

The next day came. I closed the Lovestruck account. 

I’ve decided and accepted that despite my good looks and still young-ish age, I am a traditionalist. I want to meet people in the flesh. That’s it for me with these apps… I’ve given them a try before and tried it once more, I need to continue listening to my gut, sometimes you just can’t force things upon yourself when your gut knows it’s never gonna work.

(Photo credit: Gemma Correll, love her work, find her on Instagram!)


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