Welcome to The Divorced Society

Welcome to the exclusive modernist club of “The Divorced Society“.

A brief introduction about myself, I have been divorced for a year now and it was not an easy divorce and I have been spending majority of my past 2 years in recovery and reinvention of my new self. I think I have just made it though, hence why I decided to write a blog about it.

The main purpose is really for myself to learn about my progress and this blog is my own space to express my thoughts and feelings as part of my ongoing recovery, but the secondary benefit is for those who have found themselves to be “thrown” into this exclusive member’s club, do not be afraid. If you are shitting yourself, it is absolutely normal. It’s just a phase that you have to ride out in order to reach to the next level… A bit like Candy Crush or the latest craze of Pokemon (WTF?!)…

I have already passed the level of reinvesting in my new career choice and I am due to embark on an epic journey of being a chef cooking in a new country each month for the next 20-ish months of my life, sounds exciting? Follow me and join in with the conversation and I hope that you will find love and light in reading my blog on your road to recovery.

Let’s hit the road then, shall we?





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